Bananas bananas and more bananas!! All organic, home grown and amazing - Coming up smoothies, muffins, ice cream, fruit salad and everything else!

My Stillborn Alexiona “7th” Birthday

Today 7 years ago today rather than a “birthday” it was the day I got to see the lifeless body of my beautiful baby. I finally got to see the baby that I had carried, loved, nurtured, talked to and dreamed about. I knew that she was cheeky and clever by the way,...

Speak up or forever hold your peace

Up here on the Sunshine Coast our politicians have “talking” posts where you get to have your say!! In the last few months I have seen our state MP and both our federal MPs… Today I saw federal MP Ted Andrews… Spoke for about 15 minutes…..

Time for a political overhaul

Aside from looking like a joke the more Prime Ministers Australia has the more our politicians can say... "it wasn't me". Rather than changing Prime Minister's or swapping from one party to another how about next election we get independent people elected with a heart...

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