Last night was the beginning of the Sacrificial Virgins Tour – a mini documentary questioning the use of the HPV Vaccine and the injury the vaccine has caused world wide!

Although Joan Shenton narrator and creator of the documentary is still liasing with immigration to get a VISA into Australia.. (They want to know what color undies she’s wearing along with 40 other questions being asked for the second time) she was here ANYWAY via Skype!! You can’t keep a good woman down!

We had 3 international guest speakers via Skype for a “live” Q and A, health professionals and vaccine injury at the event, with a great audience. Thank you to all those that supported the event!

UP NEXT Sydney here I come!! Sunday 5th and 6th, Melbourne 7th, Nthrn Rivers 9th, Gold Coast 11th, Brisbane 13th….
BRING ON THE TOUR!! Time to speak, hear the truth and make the Government accountable for the damage they have done to so many!! Time for our voices to be heard!


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