Up here on the Sunshine Coast our politicians have “talking” posts where you get to have your say!! In the last few months I have seen our state MP and both our federal MPs… Today I saw federal MP Ted Andrews… Spoke for about 15 minutes….. 😀

Love them or hate them sign up to your local State and Federal MPs newsletter… Time for everyone to take the opportunity to have your say… Go tell them how you feel about the coercive, discrimination, bullying, blackmail and bribery No Jab, No Pay and Play Policies …

Dress to impress, Pick your strong point, be polite and courteous and go have your say.. Just remember these people work for us and they are just human….. The fact is you would know more about vaccines than what they do!

Time for the people to empower themselves… Time to make change happen… By speaking up at least you can say that you did your best and be proud! Speak up or forever hold your peace.

Blessings Xx

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