I am meeting a journalist tomorrow… He wants to “understand” anti vaxxers…. how we came by our beliefs, so can you help him understand!? .

After vaccination I was covered with eczema, severe allergies and auto immune issues, I have literally spoken to thousands of families that have experienced vaccine injury … No money, coercion, bullying or intimidation will ever get me to inject disease and toxins.

If he read a vaccine insert he would quickly learn that vaccines come with adverse effects including death and disability, contain ingredients like human DNA, animal serum, aluminium, formeldhyde and have never been tested for their carcinogenic effects.

Some vaccines don’t stop the transmission of disease, nor does vaccination guarantee immunity… The issues with vaccines is a endless.

Comment below and have a say.

“What I’m most interested in is understanding how the anti-vax community came by their beliefs. I assume that it grew out of not only concern about the heath implications of vaccines but a wider value”

I will keep you posted!! ?
Blessings X

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