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Allona is a community leader, Natural Health Advocate and Freedom of Choice Ambassador. She is a guided and fearless and on a mission to connect, inspire and empower through educating.

She’s a passionate voice for freedom of choice within communities at large and is currently standing for a seat in the Queensland Senate.
“Together we stand tall, proud and strong knowing that the truth will prevail and the light always wins”.

The Time for Truth, Transparency and Unity is NOW. Empower yourself and take back your health. YOUR voice for Health Choice

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This website is for you. It is about you, will give you a voice, with the hope to educate, raise awareness, empower and inspire you. This is YOUR opportunity to tell YOUR story, your truth, the media has selective reporting, often biased and fake news this page is designed for you to share and hear the “other side” of the REALITY of the people.

If you should like to share your journey and reality on ANY real life issue please email me at [email protected]

Please keep your “story” short sharp and to the point. Add in as many important details as possible, no swearing, bullying or intimidation. If you like you can remain anonymous or alternately add whatever contact details you like. Photos can also be added.

This page will focus on important topics like – The Future, Vaccination, Homeschooling, Medical System, Natural Therapies, Environment, Community, Food, Health, Chemicals, Business, Birthing, New World Order.

Allona Lahn for Senate

Vote 1: Allona Lahn for Queensland Senate at the upcoming state election
Allona Lahn
QLD State Election 31st October 2020
Allona Lahn is a former successful businesswoman living on the Sunshine Coast. Her passion now is in being a mother, a community leader and a ‘Natural Health Advocate and Freedom of Choice Ambassador’.
Allona is fearless and outspoken and is concerned about the poisoning of the earth, our food, water, air, people and animals. Allona supports natural therapies and medicines including medicinal cannabis, natural birthing practices, community schooling, community hubs, organic foods and farming and sustainable energy. Her ultimate goal is to create a united, healthy, loving, sustainable, future for all.

About the Informed Medication Options Party

The Informed Medical Options Party is committed to giving a voice to the tens of thousands of Australians who have been ignored by the government and vilified by the press for their informed choice to reject the highly questionable government sponsored Vaccination Program.

Objection is also raised to the mass medication of the population by the Fluoridation of our water supplies.

The Informed Medical Options Party will be standing at least seven candidates in the 18 May Federal Election. The party needs your support to turn back this great tide of evil that strikes right at the heart of our hard won freedoms that make us uniquely Australian.

You are invited to join the Party, make a Donation and add your voice against this great travesty of justice and freedom.


Latest News

Allona Fit To Parent Network was created in response to the Australian Governments No Jab, No Pay/Play Legislations in 2015. Never in my lifetime have I felt so bullied, intimidated, coerced, I was being name called, discriminated against and financially blackmailed and bribed because of my decision not to inject disease and toxins into my child. In response to the media on numerous occasions stating I was Unfit to Parent…. I decided to create Fit To Parent Network.

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