Just went into battle to make a dental appointment due to a cavity…

The Emotional of Woman Scientist: Don’t Understand

When she realised I had never been there before, asked me when I had last seen a dentist? My reply, maybe a year ago.
She then went on to scold me for not having regular 6 monthly check ups and said that my first appointment would be for xrays and a treatment. I said no I would just like my tooth fixed thank you. She said so you “believe” a tooth has cavity, I said I “know” my tooth has a cavity yes. She then went on to guess which tooth so I interrupted and told her which tooth….

I got off the phone feeling like I had just had a battle… when did making a dentist appointment turn into defending your right to just have a tooth fixed!!?… no I don’t want your check up, X-rays, fluoride treatment and pay triple the amount, have unnecessary appointments, waste my time and money…. one appointment and do your job.

And the worst part is that I think the cavity at the front bottom tooth was actually from where the last dentist was doing a scale and clean and left the polisher for too long and exposed the raw tooth making it vunerable to decay… I remember jerking away due to the pain in that area as she was doing it… is this possible? Who actually regulates dentists, and how would we know?

Seriously I am so sick of people telling me what to do and how to do it…. just do your job, do it well, with integrity and truth, to the best of your ability, take my money and leave me the F alone….

My rant for the day!!

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