What I love about my Dad is that even tho he heads off and has his annual flu shot, he supports freedom of choice and loves and supports me for whom I am and what I do, regardless of our differing views on vaccination.

My Dad has spent years listening to me rave about vaccines, bag out our unethical draconian Government and policies, give compassion and listen to the heartbreaking stories I hear on a daily basis and the experiences I have endured through standing my ground and deciding not to vaccinate. He listens to my disappointments and wins, but most of all, he has shared the headache and pain, the mental torment, emotional and physical stress imposed upon me by the No Jab, No Pay and Play Policies.

Dad has told me “Never in his lifetime has he seen a minority group treated this way. There would be uproar IF any other group was bullied and name called the way your are”. He, like many is shocked at the coercion, intimidation, name calling, discrimination, bribery and bullying currently endorsed by our Government and compounded by fear driven, unethical, biased media.

When the headlines read “Anti Vaxxers are baby killers, stupid, uneducated and children should be removed’, the media is talking about ME, MY fathers little girl, HIS baby. How heartbreaking for him, in his retirement, to read that about me, to hear me name called, ridiculed and belittled, because I refuse to inject disease and toxins into his Granddaughter. Disease injections that have no genetic or allergy testing prior, with no family history considered, that are neither safe nor effective.

My Dad knows I love my baby, he knows I am doing my best and going above and beyond to protect his Grand daughter and her future. He supports vaccination, but he also supports me in MY choice NOT to inject disease, respects that decision and loves me regardless. What the Government have failed to acknowledge is that parents will protect their children… of ALL ages. When you bully a child of any age, you are also emotionally effecting the parents and the immediate family. Bullying is NOT okay.

This is an article, edited by the paper, that my Dad wrote to his local paper. So Proud. ❤️
Love you Dad

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