I’ve been holding out but now it’s official!!!
I am standing for Senate in Queensland!!

“Allona Lahn small business owner, mother, Natural Health Advocate and Freedom of Choice Ambassador. Allona is fearless and outspoken concerned about the poisoning of the Earth, our food, water, air, people and animals. Allona supports Natural Therapies and medicines including Cannabis, natural and free birthing practices, community schooling, community hubs, organic foods and farming and sustainable energies and a creating a healthy, loving, sustainable, future for all.

Allona will be a strong voice for the people demanding truth and transparency, Time to investigate Australia’s mass drugging agenda, health epidemics, corruption, media bias, censorship, vested interests and political spending. Time to get back on track, honor the will of the people and once again make Australia the great country it once was. The time for change is now as Australia cannot sustain the current path. Vote 1 Allona Lahn Queensland Senate.
Vote 1 Involuntary Medication Objectors Party.”

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